Voice as mirror for personal growth and leadership

You feel like you are noft fully expressing yourself and know there’s more potential within you: daring to truly claim your space, both at work and at home. Expressing your message, embodying your feminine and creative leadership. Being yourself, entirely as you are. You genuinely want to be heard, but somehow, it’s not happening. Your voice isn’t helping either. What’s holding you back?

Perhaps you’ve adjusted too much over time, because you wanted to be liked. Maybe you’ve taken on too much alone, struggling to ask for help. Or maybe, you- with your sensitive nature- may have become hesitant to trust others to due to past experiences of rejection.

You are willing to delve deeper into your work and life, seeking insights and tools that will propel you forward in your professional or personal journey as an ambitious and sensitive woman. Because how would it feel to fully embrace your feminine leadership? To genuinely feel heard because you sense that it resonates from within and aligns with how you’re claiming your space now?

Through our conversations, new insights into my processes emerged. A specific word can touch deeply and convey a lot. Engaging not only in dialogue but also in visual arts, music, and creative activities allowed for breakthroughs. I found Franka to be a wonderful person; she listened attentively, introduced relevant theories with clear explanations, and supported me in undertaking activities that felt challenging.

Hannah, Primary School Teacher

The Vocal Life coaching programme

  • An online 30-minute match call,
  • You’ll receive an online questionnaire to complete and email prior to the intake.
  • Comprehensive intake session
  • 7 sessions of 60 minutes or 5 sessions of 75 minutes, either online or in-person in the coaching space. Sessions occur every 2 weeks.
  • You’ll receive personalized assignments to work on at home.
  • Between sessions, you’ll write a reflection, and you’ll receive feedback on it.
  • In the final session, we’ll conclude and reflect on the progress of your process.

Your coaching inquiry is in good hands with me. As a certified life coach with extensive knowledge of voice, the nervous system, and performance, I am here to offer a mirror to reflect your experiences. Fully present, and offering a loving and secure space. I guide you in bringing clarity to the underlying issues, encourage the necessary steps, and carefully oversee the process. You take full responsibility for engaging in the coaching journey and take actions, enabling you to be satisfied with the outcomes – often exceeding what you initially thought possible!

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