Voice in performance

You want to present yourself on stage with confidence, but struggle with stage fright or performance anxiety. You break into a sweat, your heart rate rises, your mouth goes dry, and your mind goes into overdrive; you feel anxious, and the stage seems like a nightmare instead of ‘the place to be.’ The idea of being seen, heard, and possibly judged by others makes you feel insecure. This can happen in different stage situations: giving a work presentation, participating in a singing audition, conducting an online talk, performing and singing in a theater full of people, or in a small living room setting. These are all examples of situations where you want to deliver a top performance but simultaneously feel quite vulnerable.

How would it be for you to be on that stage with a sense of safety and confidence? Centered and focused, you deliver your presentation and sing your song. Yes, your heart rate may spike, and it feels exciting. But this time, it gives you a feeling of: bring it on! I’m looking forward to it because I have something to share with the world. This time, you speak or sing from your Play zone, and that feels so much better!

Franka truly listens to you. She is interested, empathetic, and highly skilled. She finds a good balance between singing, enjoyment, and coaching, tailoring her approach to your needs. You not only become a better singer under her guidance, but you also experience an improvement in how you feel. She helped me gain more control over my nerves when singing in public; I even dared to take on my first solo in a musical thanks to Franka! Whether you want to improve your singing, find yourself, deal with stage fright, or all of the above, Franka is the right person for you.

Emaly, Product Owner & Lead UX Designer at PinkRoccade GGZ

The Vocal Life coaching programme

  • An online 30-minute match call,
  • You’ll receive an online questionnaire to complete and email prior to the intake.
  • Comprehensive intake session
  • 7 sessions of 60 minutes or 5 sessions of 75 minutes, either online or in-person in the coaching space. Sessions occur every 2 weeks.
  • You’ll receive personalized assignments to work on at home.
  • Between sessions, you’ll write a reflection, and you’ll receive feedback on it.
  • In the final session, we’ll conclude and reflect on the progress of your process.

Your performance is in good hands with me: as a classical mezzo-soprano and choir leader, I understand firsthand what it’s like to perform and to sometimes find that stressful. My knowledge and experience of polyvagal theory, also known as the ‘theory of safety’ , will help you in regulating your nervous system, allowing you to step onto the stage with increasing confidence and calmness. You can then experience that whatever you are saying or singing ís good enough. You are enough!

Approach and pricing

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