“There is freedom waiting for you,
on the breezes of the sky,
and you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
what if you fly?”

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At Voice2Blossom, you are welcome for vocal life coaching focused on voice and personal development. Voice2Blossom provides a safe space where creative and sensitive female professionals can work on their potential guided by a skilled coach. The aim is to align voice, performance, and life in such a way that it resonates both internally and externally! Furthermore, Voice2Blossom provides live and online training at the intersection of voice, polyvagal theory and coaching, intended for professionals working in (cultural) education and guidance work. Coaching and training is available both in-person and online, in both Dutch or English.

Every female professional deserves  to speak her truth, whether it be speaking, singing, whispering, or giggling with laughter. On stage, at work, and at home. I help you find safety and connection within yourself so that you can confidently take your place and let your unique voice resonate.

as instrument

It seems like you want to fully use your voice in speaking or singing, but you’ve noticed that certain things may not (yet) work technically. Perhaps you experience a lack of breath, feel some tension with higher tones, or struggle with the transition between your chest and head voice. It could also be that you want to explore a new genre that requires different vocal techniques than you’re used to.

in performance

You want to confidently showcase yourself on stage, but you struggle with stage fright or performance anxiety: you start to perspire, your heart rate increases, you get a dry mouth, and you suddenly feel overwhelmed by all these racing thoughts in your head. You feel anxious, and the stage seems like a nightmare instead of ‘the place to be.’ The idea of being seen, heard, and possibly judged by others makes you feel unsafe.

for resilience

The hectic life that we women often lead causes us to be frequently tense and constantly “on.” It becomes challenging to prioritize self-care, and the vicious cycle of running non-stop continues. Others take precedence; they come first. You do acknowledge that things should be different because you’re wearing yourself out, but finding the time to slow down and relax proves to be difficult.

as mirror

You feel like you’re not fully expressing yourself, and you know there’s more potential within you: daring to truly own your space, both at work and at home. Presenting your message, embodying your feminine and creative leadership. Being yourself, entirely as you are. You genuinely want to be heard, but someting is not working. Your voice is not cooperating either. What is holding you back?

I have experienced Franka as a kind person and a skilled coach. She initiates contact based on emotion and connection, creating an open and safe atmosphere where everything can be said. Franka truly listens and strives to assist you in what you want and achieving your goals, without being overly directive. She does everything in reciprocal communication, which is very pleasant.

Dieta, Owner IJtsma Office Management

Franka is an exceptionally skilled singing teacher, where not only singing and all the relevant techniques are addressed, but she has also developed beautiful coaching skills over the years. With Franka, you are allowed to be who you are. She listens well, hears what you say (or show) between the lines, dares to ask questions about it, and has the knowledge and experience to help you integrate new insights into your life in a meaningful way. Additionally, she is an incredibly pleasant and beautiful human being. For me, a perfect combination!

Carola, Teacher Social Care
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