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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

Below, you can read about the themes you can work on with me. I have made a distinction between four areas in working with your voice and you as a person. Your question—or something very similar—is undoubtedly among them! In reality, these different areas are not so strictly separated and often overlap. It may be that you recognize aspects from various themes. That’s perfectly fine!

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Voice as instrument

Maybe you resonate with one of the following:

  • Your voice becomes hoarse quickly.
  • High notes sound strained.
  • The transition from your speaking voice to your singing voice doesn’t flow smoothly.
  • You tend to push when you speak or sing.

You want this resolved because you need your voice in your work. Whether you’re a professional speaker like a trainer, teacher, funeral speaker, manager, or online knowledge entrepreneur.

Or maybe you are a professional who also requires her singing voice in her work, such as a singer, actress, or in roles like a spiritual leader, chaplain, or music teacher.

How would it be for you if…

  • Your voice effortlessly sounds and feels good?
  • You regain confidence in your own sound?
  • Your voice accurately expresses what you want?

By working on your technique in a safe setting with me as your vocal coach, you can learn to trust your vocal instrument again. It will start working for you rather than against you!

Voice in performance

Maybe you resonate with one of the following:

  • You’re afraid of speaking or singing in front of an audience.
  • You feel evaluated and judged by the audience.
  • Your voice and body tremble when you have to give a presentation or performance.
  • You feel unsafe and small on the stage and would rather run from the scene.

You naturally want this resolved because it is essential for your work to speak or sing regularly in front of an audience. This applies to you as a professional speaker, such as a trainer, teacher, funeral speaker, manager, or online knowledge-based entrepreneur.

Or, you may be a professional who frequently uses her singing voice in public, such as an actress, but also as a preacher, spiritual counselor, or music teacher.

How would it be for you if

  • You would feel safe within yourself and on stage?
  • Your self-confidence grows, and your full attention is dedicated to the message you want to convey?
  • You connect with your audience, allowing you to be truly heard?

By working on your nervous system in a safe environment with me as your performance coach, you’ll start feeling calmer, and performing can become fun again!

Voice for resilience

Maybe you resonate with one of the following:

  • You struggle to relax and keep pushing yourself.
  • You prioritize others over your own well-being.
  • You predominantly live in your head and barely feel your body.
  • Slowing down is challenging, and you are always in an active state.

You want this resolved because you know that you can’t keep rushing forever. Your body can’t sustain it. By exhausting yourself and not taking good care of yourself, you are also not becoming the (voice) professional you would like to be. After all, you need calm, energy, and flow to achieve that.

How would it be for you if

  • You will feel calm and joy in your work and life again.
  • The connection with your body is restored, and you experience a firm grounding.
  • Your breath becomes deeper and calmer.
  • Singing and speaking are perceived by you as pleasant and regulating.

By humming, breathing, singing, and vocal bubbling in a safe setting with me as a polyvagal-informed vocal coach, you can learn to bring back calmness and relaxation into your life and work!

Voice as a mirror for personal growth and leadership

Maybe you resonate with one of the following:

  • You hesitate to express yourself fully and take up your space.
  • You don’t feel truly heard (privately or at work).
  • You struggle to take on your new leadership role as a woman.
  • You habe a fear of standing out and being too visible.

You want this resolved because you feel that you are sabotaging your own professional growth.. There is so much more within you that is not coming out in this way! You notice these obstacles, especially now that you have taken another step in your development. It’s getting exciting, but your old coping strategies are increasingly hindering you.

How would it be for you if

  • You will fully embody your feminine leadership.
  • You communicate your message in connection, making yourself truely heard.
  • You have insights and tools to manage your inner critical voices.
  • You act from a place of from self-compassion, embracing everything that is.
  • You can act from choice, daring to be true to yourself.

By working on the underlying currents of your coaching question, in a safe setting with me as a certified life coach by your side, you create space to embrace your feminine leadership!

Franka truly listens to you. She is interested, empathetic, and highly skilled. She finds a good balance between singing, enjoyment, and coaching, tailoring her approach to your needs. You not only become a better singer under her guidance, but you also experience an improvement in how you feel. She helped me gain more control over my nerves when singing in public; I even dared to take on my first solo in a musical thanks to Franka! Whether you want to improve your singing, find yourself, deal with stage fright, or all of the above, Franka is the right person for you.

Emaly, Product Owner & Lead UX Designer at PinkRoccade GGZ

The conversations led to new insights into my processes. A specific word can be touching and convey a lot. By not only speaking but also engaging in visual, musical, and creative activities, there was an opening. I found Franka to be a pleasant person; she listened well, provided relevant theories, and explained them effectively. She dared to assist me in doing things that I found challenging.

Hannah, Primary School Teacher

Do any of these situations above resonate with you? Do you feel deep down that now is the right moment for you to give yourself this gift: being guided in a vocal life coaching trajectory to create a profound shift and transformation following your coaching question? Then I warmly invite you to get in touch!

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