Approach and pricing

“The approach of Voice2Blossom is holistic: the individual and their voice are one entity, one system. There is a continuous, intricate exchange between the body, psyche, and the environment. The voice is an expression of this interplay and simultaneously a gateway to regulate this living system.”



“The vocal life coaching of Voice2Blossom is divided into four components, which in reality are not strictly separated but mutually influence each other.”

  1. Voice as instrument
  2. Voice in performance
  3. Voice for resilience
  4. Voice as mirror

“Coaching can start on any of the four themes; as the coaching trajectory progresses, it may become evident that other components are involved or need attention. We coordinate this carefully and seamlessly integrate them into the learning process.

It is possible to choose ‘voice as an instrument’ as a separate component. In this case, it is called speech/singing lessons. This involves a vocal technical approach to voice development, where we stay more on the surface and leave the underlying currents as they are.”


In our vocal life coaching journey, we dive deep into the subtle currents within one (or more) of the four realms. As your coach, I tailor our approach to align seamlessly with your unique learning needs. I draw from a rich tapestry of exploratory voice techniques, evidence-based singing methodologies, breathwork, polyvagal theory, internal family systems, voice dialogue, and insights from Jung.

Together, we navigate the present moment, often guided by the voice. We explore on multiple layers: cognitive, physical, emotional, and energetic.

Beyond spoken words and sung notes, we embrace colors and written expressions. Our toolkit may include immersive conversations, grounding exercises, or the use of intuitive cards. I also integrate mindfulness practices and visualizations to enrich the coaching experience.


As a coach, I provide a safe and compassionate space while gently addressing sensitive areas. Infused with a good dose of humor and occasional laughter, I bring a light-hearted touch to our sessions. I value equality, where I, as the coach, oversee the process, and you take the lead in the substantive work, taking responsibility. This also entails dedicating time and space at home to delve into what you’ve discovered during our sessions.

Coaching at Voice2Blossom is trauma-sensitive, which means I take into consideration that your nervous system may be more sensitive due to past experiences. It also means that we operate from a place of calm and choice. The exit – both literally and figuratively – is always in sight. You are in control!

  • An online 30-minute match call.
  • An online questionnaire that you can fill out and email before the intake.
  • Extensive intake.
  • 7 coaching sessions of 60 minutes or 5 sessions of 75 minutes, online or in person at the coaching space. The sessions take place every 2 weeks.
  • You receive personalized assignments to work on at home.
  • Between sessions, you will write a reflection, and feedback will be provided.
  • Intermediate email contact.
  • Reading suggestions: articles and blogs.
  • Bubbling tube for lax vox.
  • Grounding meditations and instructional videos on breath, voice, and the nervous system.
  • In the last session, we conclude and reflect on the ‘harvest’ of your process.


€ 699 incl. VAT for individuals and self-employed professionals (with an income lower than average).
€ 849 incl. VAT for individuals and self-employed professionals (with an average income or higher).
€ 999 excl. VAT for the business market (companies and government entities).

– Payment in 2 or 3 installments is always possible.
– Are you an employee? You can discuss with your employer whether there is a personal training budget to cover your coaching trajectory! (see the business rate for this)

Would you like to chat to explore your question or wish ? You can! Contact us for a 30-minute inspiration call.”

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