Voice for resilience

The hectic lifes that we, as women, lead often leaves us feeling tense and constantly switched ‘on.’ Prioritizing self-care becomes a challenge as we find ourselves continuously running, putting others first. Deep down, you know it should be different because you’re wearing yourself out, but finding a way to slow down and relax seems elusive. You find yourself stuck in a loop of fight and flight, yearning for peace. Alternatively, you may notice yourself starting to feel somewhat numb, operating on autopilot. You’ve lost connection with your body and breath, mainly residing in your head.

How would it be for you to experience calmness again? To rediscover the connection with your body through humming, breathing, singing, and bubbling? Imagine being able to breathe more calmly, feel your feet, and land in the present moment. Your mind clears, and the incessant thoughts come to a halt. And, most importantly, you find joy in letting your voice resonate!

Many people experience a soothing effect from singing, especially when done together with others.

My first thing today being grateful for in Life: meeting Franka van Essen
Your Voice as gate for finding Freedom is just miraculous!
Besides her professional skills as a singing teacher Franka is also a wonderful person who can guide you on this path with her warm attendence without any judgement, feeling safe and sound to explore the richness of your (inner) voice!

Fangky, Dentist and avocational singer

The Vocal Life coaching programme :

  • An online 30-minute match call,
  • You’ll receive an online questionnaire to complete and email prior to the intake.
  • Comprehensive intake session
  • 7 sessions of 60 minutes or 5 sessions of 75 minutes, either online or in-person in the coaching space. Sessions occur every 2 weeks.
  • You’ll receive personalized assignments to work on at home.
  • Between sessions, you’ll write a reflection, and you’ll receive feedback on it.
  • In the final session, we’ll conclude and reflect on the progress of your process.

Your tired, stressed body (and mind) are in good hands with me. As a certified coach and experienced voice teacher with knowledge of the nervous system, I am here to guide you in finding calmness and relaxation through sound, breath, and singing. This process will enhance the function of your vagus nerve and overall resilience. You do the work, and I support you in a safe and caring manner.

Approch and pricing

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