Voice as instrument (singing/voice lessons)

As instrument:
You would like to fully use your voice in speaking or singing but notice that certain things are technically challenging : you may run out of breath, feel some tension at higher tones, or experience difficulty transitioning between your chest and head voice. Perhaps your speaking voice sounds softer than desired, and you’ve been told that your sound doesn’t come across as strong enough. It’s also possible that you want to explore a new genre that requires different vocal techniques than you’re used to. A new phase of life can sometimes cause changes in the voice (consider, for example, menopause in women). This may also lead to a need to rework your vocal technique.

You would like to

  • Discovering how your voice functions as an instrument.
  • Overcoming technical obstacles encountered in vocal usage.
  • Building confidence in your own vocal sound.
  • Aligning your voice with the vocal tasks you have in your work or life.

How would it be for you to work together with me as your teacher to ensure that you regain confidence in your own sound and feel more at ease when speaking and singing? That you can once again express yourself exactly in the way you want, both in speech and song, tailored to your (professional) situation?

Your voice is in safe hands with me: For over 20 years, I have been working as a vocal coach with various voices, both in speaking and singing, and across different genres. Moreover, I work with you as an individual because the person and their voice are a unified entity!

Grateful for the chance to have singing lessons with you, Franka! You are truly skilled at what you do, teaching me a lot about vocal techniques, which has given me the confidence to sing various beautiful classical pieces. And importantly, it’s always so enjoyable with you, and I feel completely at ease trying out exciting new things. Fantastic!

Mijntje, GGZ Psychiatrist and avocational choir singer

The Program
Over the course of 8 sessions, we will address your learning objectives. At the end of the program, we will assess together what is needed for further progress.

The program includes:

  • 8 sessions of 45 or 60 minutes each
  • Sheet music if desired
  • Personalized exercises and homework
  • Recordings of exercises
  • Water bottle and lax vox tube

The content of the sessions includes

  • Working on voice and speech/singing technique
  • Breath balance
  • Interpretation, storytelling, pronunciation
  • Music theory such as solfège and rhythm
  • Audition preparation (content)

Approach and pricing

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